About Baker Furnace

Baker Furnace Engineering

Baker Furnace, Inc. was established in Southern California in 1980. The original business provided consumable supplies and crucible furnaces for the metal melting industry. Furnaces designed and manufactured by Baker Furnace, Inc. quickly earned a reputation for quality engineering and rugged construction and were sought by high volume aluminum melters and precious metals foundries. Twenty-eight years later, Baker crucible furnaces are still in operation in the punishing environment typically found in a metal foundry, a testimony to the durability of Baker equipment.

In late 1990 Baker Furnace drew up designs for a new type of high temperature equipment to be used in the emerging soil remediation industry. The first unit, a 100 CFM trailer mounted thermal oxidizer, was delivered in 1991. Like our crucible furnaces, Baker oxidation systems quickly gained a reputation for quality engineering and manufacturing. The "first" oxidizer came back to the Baker shop in 2002 for reconditioning and left having needed only paint and a slight "tune-up." As of 2008, this unit is currently in the field entering its 18th year of almost continuous service.

Leading Innovation

The engineers at Baker Furnace are responsible for several innovations that have been widely copied in the industry. Thermal units convertible to catalytic operation with a drop in catalyst module and a control schematic introducing dilution air as a function of hydrocarbon concentrations (LEL) were originally engineered by Baker Furnace. In response to poor flame quality and reliability, Baker Furnace incorporated fixed air combustion air blowers and (shortly thereafter) fully proportioning combustion air blowers into oxidation systems, eliminating the direct reliance on in-fluent vapor streams to maintain burner flame.

In addition to equipment upgrades, Baker Furnace, Inc. also laid new trails in the area of regulatory permitting. We received the first Certified Equipment Permit issued by the SCAQMD for a thermal/catalytic oxidation system. We also aggressively sought a number of third party approvals and authorizations such as AGA, UL, Los Angeles County Fire Department and Los Angeles Building and Mechanical.

Looking Ahead

Today Baker Furnace is proud to announce over 20 years of continuous involvement in the environmental industry. Our customer list includes most of the major oil marketing companies, various Fortune 500 companies, and numerous international, national and regional environmental consulting firms. We extend a hearty thank you to all of our existing customers and we look forward to the opportunity to work with new and existing customers as we advance towards our third decade of service to the environmental industry.

The professional staff at Baker Furnace pledges to our customers a commitment to provide the highest quality soil remediation and air pollution abatement equipment available in the market today.

Below is a partial list of our clients

U.S. Air Force Lockheed Martin Boeing Aircraft
SAIC FedEx Exxon
Bank of America United Airlines
Arco Sony/Tristar Pictures Unocal
Santa Fe Kimberly Clark General Atomic
Conoco Phillips URS Kyocera
Ashland Chemical Amoco
Plus hundreds more!