Powder Coating Continues to be the Future of Finishing

Every so often, a discovery comes along, that changes the way things are done forever. The process of powder coating was one of those discoveries. Not only was this discovery better for the environment then traditional liquid painting methods, but it also proved to consistently create a better output.
Powder coating was such a breakthrough that it revolutionized the way automobile companies, furniture manufacturers and other companies finished their products. Powder coating allowed these manufacturers to ensure a smooth, chip resistant and durable finish on all of their products.

Why Powder Coating?
Powder coating entails grinding up paint pigments, resins, and adhesives together to form a fine sprinkle which is then applied to the surface of the items that have to be “painted.”
Once an object is completely covered with the powder either electrostatically or through immersion in fluidized solids, it is placed in an industrial curing oven. The industrial oven then provides the necessary heat to melt the pigment mixture and encourages the rivulets to run along the surface ensuring a superior finish.
This process completely eliminates the use of solvents to create an environmentally sustainable option. The finished product is chip resistant, abrasion free and non-reactive to other chemicals which has proven to last much longer than alternative finishes.

Baker Furnace Powder Coating Ovens
Baker Furnace powder coating ovens are specially designed for the melting of thermoset and thermoplastic mixtures that create hard duty finishes that are scratch resistant and environmentally friendly. Available in batch or continuous configurations the powder coating ovens and provide excellent temperature uniformity with adjustable air flow supply and return plenums. The batch style powder coating ovens are designed with “no sag” doors for durability. A variety of options are available to meet specific process needs including “paperless” chart recorder to further reduce your carbon footprint. To learn more about our line of powder coating ovens, please get in touch with us at (800) 237-5675 for a free consultation.

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