Crucible Furnaces


Baker Furnace Inc. has been designing, engineering, and manufacturing Crucible Furnaces since 1980. Baker Furnace has a complete line of Crucible Furnaces to melt Silver, Gold, Brass, Aluminum, Lead, and Zinc. Our Crucible Furnaces can be used for a variety of applications including Precious Metal Melting, Mining smelting of ore concentrates, Brass Melting, School Foundries, Art Bronze Casting Foundries, and any other non-ferrous melting application.

Baker Furnace's Crucible Furnaces are equipped with fully automatic Combustion Systems that are spark ignited and utilize FM approved flame supervision systems. They are built for rugged Industrial service and are shipped in a turnkey condition ready for installation and immediate operation.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email. We are happy to answer any questions that will help you find the right furnace for your specific needs.

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Aluminum Melting Crucible Furnace — Gas Fired Units

Crucible Furnace
Temperature Controls - Microprocessor based digital-Type K

Hydraulic Tilting Crucible Furnace — Gas Fired Units

Hydraulic Tilting Crucible Furnace

B-Series Metal Melting Crucible Furnaces

B-Series Metal Melting Crucible Furnaces
  • Features
  • IRI Fuel Train (Natural Gas or Propane)
  • Fully Automatic Combustion System
  • 3100 F. Refractory Lining
  • Easy Open Lid Mechanism
  • Drain Door at Furnace Floor Level
  • U.L. Classified Control Panel