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Railway Concepts Inspiring the Car Bottom Furnace Industry

The biggest news to affect the Car Bottom Furnace Industry is the surge in high speed train proposals across the globe. The two largest proposals have been created by the Chinese who are looking to open world economy and open international relations by connecting the world via train.

In the last 15 years, China has begun an astonishing rail construction spree, laying tens of thousands of miles of tracks and launching high-speed railway lines. China has recently signaled its intent to build a “New Silk Road” heavy-duty freight network through Central Asia to Europe via rail rather than the old caravans that once bridged West and East.

All of this news has been very exciting for the car bottom furnace industry. There is still no word on when industrial furnace companies will get to bid for the car bottom furnace production jobs.

One of the biggest railway ventures in the concept phase is the China-American railway. A project of this size would require numerous car bottom furnaces working around the clock to produce railway and tunnel pieces.

China wants to build a 200km-long undersea tunnel to America via a railway route through Russia, running under the Bering Strait. The 8,000 mile route would need two undersea tunnels connecting Russia and Alaska.

Much like the Channel Tunnel, this new plan to link the East and West has been in concept for a hundred years. Both Russia and China have had great interest in a land route to the U.S. for at least the last 100 years. The proposed Chinese railway plan provides the solution for both countries.

Engineer Wang Meng-shu has laid out a plan for an exact route from northeast China through the Bering Strait. . While this is plan is breathtakingly ambitious, China claims to have the technology. The 8,000 mile route would reduce the need to fly, although at 350kph (220mph) it would still take two days.

China has a number of ambitious train projects in the pipeline. Each of these projects translate into great growth and would fuel new innovations for the car bottom furnace, such as portability and automated systems.

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