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Preventative Maintenance for your Conveyor Oven

In the world heat treating, a conveyor oven is a very unique piece of equipment that must be maintained to mitigate large break downs. Processes like tempering, preheating, quenching and annealing all require an efficiently functioning unit to maintain production deadlines. While some downtime is expected when working with large pieces of machinery, less time lost is better. This is why preventative maintenance is so paramount. Compared to the price of purchasing a new conveyor oven, the cost of regular repairs is much more reasonable. A little fiscal planning can go a long way when it comes to taking care of your equipment and your business.

Before scheduling maintenance on your conveyor oven, make sure that the technician is a qualified maintenance mechanic that has experience working with heat treating equipment.

The benefits of regular maintenance on your conveyor oven are numerous. For starters, you are able to schedule repairs at a time when production will be least affected. Regular care will also extend the life of a conveyor furnace. A well maintained unit will also protect your business by ensuring quality production and deadlines met on time.

Here are some helpful guidelines for the preventative maintenance of your heat treating or conveyor oven unit.

Preventative maintenance on your conveyor furnace begins with a regularly scheduled and thorough inspection of the entire unit. These inspections are able to catch small issues before they become large and costly problems. Any amount of energy loss is problematic for these conveyor furnace or other heat treating units whose processes are performed continuously.

The best rule of maintenance is keeping your equipment clean. The front and rear louvers and ventilation ports require regular cleaning. Before touching the temperature controller or control panel make sure that your hands are clean from oil, chemicals and dirt. Always clean any spills or other deposits from the chamber walls. Be careful when loading and unloading the chamber so that the thermocouples and heating elements are not damaged.

Another important task is to lubricate the moving parts of your conveyor oven. The fan shaft bearings need to be lubricated with high-temperature lithium grease every 3 months. The fan belt also needs to be regularly inspected for cracks and worn areas. Be sure to never exceed the maximum temperature of your furnace.

Be mindful of the amount of energy being used during production. A change in the amount of energy being used could mean your conveyor furnace is not running at optimal efficiency. Lastly, be sure to regularly inspect the door seal for any heat or energy loss.

These easy maintenance tips can help prevent costly repairs and maintain production schedules. Be sure to refer to your Operating and Maintenance Manual from the manufacturer when performing any repairs or maintenance on your conveyor furnace.

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Two of The Biggest Heat Treating Events of 2016

The top metal manufacturing event, Advanced Manufacturing Expo & Conference, and the most important aerospace and defense event, AeroDef 2016 are here! 2016’s Biggest Heat Treating Conferences will be held in Southern California. These events are the mecca of new products and technology for the heat treating and metal working industry.

This year’s Advanced Manufacturing Expo & Conference led by the brightest minds in their fields, will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. The expo will showcase an impressive tradeshow floor and specialized conference program covering numerous topics affecting the metal industries that are connected with advanced design and manufacturing. This conference will also host the most comprehensive educational program of the year for the heat treating and metal manufacturers.  The Advanced Manufacturing Expo & Conference is an essential hub for new technological innovations in the heat treating and metal manufacturing.

The 3 day expo include more than 2,000 vendors displaying their most cutting-edge developments for medical technologies, electronics, plastics, automation technologies, manufacturing, packaging and product design.

Open discussions will also be held to discuss industry trends and challenges. Educational classes on medical technology including nanotechnology will be available. Some of this year’s themes will include product design and market access.

Learn more about this annual event by clicking this link .

The 2016 AeroDef Conference will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center. This conference is the most important heat treating technical conference and exposition of the year for defense and aerospace industries. Keynote speakers will include leaders from the pinnacle of the defense and aerospace world including Scott P. Willoughby of Northrup Grumman, Daniel G. Korte of LMI Aerospace, & Bryan G. Dods of GE Power & Water. The conference will highlight the industry’s newest and most advanced technologies.

This year’s new convention design and discussion sessions were created to allow heat treating professionals to experience first-hand the showcase concepts on the exposition floor.

For more information click their link .

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