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Committed to Improving Our Environment

Since the beginning of civilization, man has been adding elements to the Earth that have led to many of the issues we see today regarding the environment. From the first caveman fire to our cars in the driveway, man has been polluting the atmosphere with contaminants and has caused many adverse effects around the world.

Now in the 21st century, we are beginning to realize the impact we are making on the Earth. Air pollution is the main culprit, and most air pollution is generated by industry. The U.S. regulates the amount of particles allowed to be released into the air, but other countries do not enforce the same restrictions. The industrial sectors in other parts of the world have been found polluting the oceans as well as the air. This pollution affects fish and ocean creature populations along with raising ocean temperatures.

Fortunately, manufacturing companies are in the perfect position to take the lead on improving air quality and reducing pollution. It is a fact that machinery and power generation are necessary equipment to keep the manufacturing industry running. But, installing pollution control equipment that is designed to eliminate or reduce man made hazardous waste is the surest way to protect our air, water, and soil.

At Baker Furnace, we understand the importance of pollution control. In 1990, we developed a new type of high-temperature equipment that was specifically designed for use in the pollution control industry. Our Baker Oxidizer Systems consist of thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, electric oxidizers, afterburners, thermal incinerator systems, liquid incinerators, and enclosed ground flares. With this equipment installed, VOC destruction is guaranteed at 99% for air pollution control and soil remediation. Thermal oxidizer systems are simple to operate, require minimal maintenance, and are energy efficient.

The knowledge that pollution is one of the greatest dangers to our natural resources is not enough, businesses need to take action to proactively combat the issue. Although it might seem like a daunting task, if every company reduced their pollution output, the world we live in would be cleaner and safer. Baker Furnace’s thermal oxidizer/afterburner systems, can be designed for indoor or outdoor use, are performance driven and cost effective.  Contact us today to see how easy it is to become a steward of the environment and minimize your environmental impact!

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