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Proudly Celebrating Manufacturing Day

US Manufacturing has historically been the largest sector in our economy.  In addition to contributing over $2 trillion in GDP, American manufacturing indirectly supports countless other areas and jobs. In 2013, 12 million workers were directly employed in manufacturing, close to 9% of total US employment. According to the Economy Policy Institute:

For every person directly employed in manufacturing, manufacturing output supports more than 1.4 jobs elsewhere in the economy. In total, the manufacturing sector supported approximately 17.1 million indirect jobs in the United States, in addition to the 12.0 million persons directly employed in manufacturing, for a total of 29.1 million jobs directly and indirectly supported, more than one fifth (21.3 percent) of total U.S. employment. (

These jobs are filled by employees with a range of skills and education. Highly skilled workers are in high demand to fill jobs that will continue to open up as the Baby Boomer generation retires in upcoming years. The current “skill gap” that the manufacturing sector is suffering from is a result of misconceptions about working in the industry and limited resources over the years in schools for skilled trade education. Fortunately, in recent years there has been a renewed focus on the importance of the skilled trades with more programs and initiatives to fill the gap and re-educate the public on manufacturing. One of these initiatives in National Manufacturing Day.

National Manufacturing Day: Clearing up the Misconceptions

National Manufacturing Day (MFG DAY) will be celebrated on October 7th this year and is a combined effort by leaders in the industry to address the common misconceptions about manufacturing. This initiative encourages manufacturers to host events and open their doors to the public showing them what manufacturing is today. The goal is to connect with future generations, address the skilled labor shortage, and change public image of manufacturing.

The 1950’s image of the factory floor no longer the reality. Today, skilled labor wages are higher than the national average and employers provide competitive benefit packages. Employees operate equipment on the cutting edge of technology and contribute to some of the most technologically advanced industries such as aeronautics, telecommunication, and 3D printing. MFG DAY events allow the next generation of job seekers to see the manufacturing environment first hand and contributing to the future success of the entire industry.

Baker Furnace is proud to be one of the many companies within the US manufacturing industry. Located in California, which tops the list as the number one state for manufacturing jobs at over 1.2 million employed, we understand the enormous effect this industry has on the nation as a whole. This MFG DAY we would like to say thank-you to all of our hard working employees for their passion and dedication! It is our team of Champions that create our success!