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Baker Furnace Heats Up the Automotive Industry

According to the LA times, there are over 253 million cars and trucks on U.S. roads and that number is constantly growing. Cars are now more affordable than ever with low interest rates coupled with affordable gasoline prices. Consumers have all the right pieces to invest in a new car and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

The golden age of cars is making a return. But this time around there are countless options and upgrades waiting on the sidelines. The intelligent vehicle is no longer a paper fantasy. From blueprints to the factory floor, automobiles sporting Wi-Fi connectivity, the ability to communicate with other cars and fully integrated application platforms are all set to become available. As researchers continue to develop the most advanced automobile technologies, manufacturers will also need to create better ways to produce them.

The Role Heat Treating Plays in the Scheme of Things:
Automobile production requires heat processing and effective heat treatments for nearly every part of the vehicle. Metal castings are made for the manufacturing of automobile parts. This process requires a melting and holding furnace which heats the casting metal to its melting point. The metal is then poured into a mold and processed in a heat treating furnace to set its physical properties/molecular structure.

Additionally, electronics used within the vehicle may be processed in a curing oven to cure the adhesive used to hold their components in place. Powder coating ovens are used during the finishing process to cure the powder coating on parts and the automobile exterior for durability and corrosion prevention. For all these steps in production, proper heat treatment is necessary, and top notch furnaces and industrial ovens are a must.

Baker Furnace Products:
Made from heavy construction, Baker Furnace industrial ovens and furnaces are designed to provide trouble free operation and last for years. The equipment utilizes linings made of refractory materials that can endure temperatures of up to 2200°F.

Most units boast custom configurations to accommodate parts of all sizes. They feature advanced programmable controllers for granular adjustment of the temperature required to achieve your specific process such as annealing, quenching, hardening, and more. For overall workplace safety. flame supervision systems ensure a “lock out” in the unlikely event of a flame failure
As a leading manufacturer of heat treating and processing equipment, we provide the ingenuity the industry needs to produce high-end components. Our high quality, heavy-duty, walk in ovens offer features that are ideal for aluminum aging, heat treating, powder coating, composite curing, and high temperature coatings. Our conveyor ovens and furnaces are widely used throughout the automotive industry for applications such as tempering, annealing, heat-forming, and curing. With all of these advancements and options, Baker Furnace can keep up with the ever-changing automobile industry and be the manufacturing expert you need.

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Baker Furnace Ships Crucible Furnace to Europe for the Automobile Industry

Baker Furnace announced the shipment of a hydraulically tilted crucible furnace to Bulgaria. This industrial furnace will be used to melt aluminum for a leading supplier of the European automobile industry. The melting furnace utilizes a self-contained hydraulic system to tilt and pour the molten aluminum into molds or casting machines. This system provides ease of operation to the user.

This furnace has a maximum temperature of 2200°F and sufficient capability to melt 2000 pounds of aluminum. It is constructed with a 7” thick castable refractory lining which retains heat produced by the burner. The heat retention helps to maintain the operating temperature while limiting the energy usage of the burner making it very efficient.

Baker Furnace is a leading producer of melting furnaces and has supplied some of the most reliable crucible furnaces on the market. The furnace was constructed as a “turnkey” system ready for operation upon shipment with all the necessary instrumentation and controls to meet the manufacturing requirements.

“Baker Furnace prides itself on developing furnace designs that stand the test of time. The overall design of our crucible furnaces has not changed much over the last 36 years.” Tim Bacon, Baker Furnace

Unique features of this crucible furnace include:

  • Hydraulically tilted
  • UL Listed Control Panel
  • Eclipse Gas Fired Burner rated at 2,000,000 BTU/hr
  • 7” Thick High Alumni Castable refractory with back up insulation
  • 1 horsepower pump with 2-gallon reservoir
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