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Baker Furnace Ships Crucible Furnace to Europe for the Automobile Industry

Baker Furnace announced the shipment of a hydraulically tilted crucible furnace to Bulgaria. This industrial furnace will be used to melt aluminum for a leading supplier of the European automobile industry. The melting furnace utilizes a self-contained hydraulic system to tilt and pour the molten aluminum into molds or casting machines. This system provides ease of operation to the user.

This furnace has a maximum temperature of 2200°F and sufficient capability to melt 2000 pounds of aluminum. It is constructed with a 7” thick castable refractory lining which retains heat produced by the burner. The heat retention helps to maintain the operating temperature while limiting the energy usage of the burner making it very efficient.

Baker Furnace is a leading producer of melting furnaces and has supplied some of the most reliable crucible furnaces on the market. The furnace was constructed as a “turnkey” system ready for operation upon shipment with all the necessary instrumentation and controls to meet the manufacturing requirements.

“Baker Furnace prides itself on developing furnace designs that stand the test of time. The overall design of our crucible furnaces has not changed much over the last 36 years.” Tim Bacon, Baker Furnace

Unique features of this crucible furnace include:

  • Hydraulically tilted
  • UL Listed Control Panel
  • Eclipse Gas Fired Burner rated at 2,000,000 BTU/hr
  • 7” Thick High Alumni Castable refractory with back up insulation
  • 1 horsepower pump with 2-gallon reservoir
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Two of The Biggest Heat Treating Events of 2016

The top metal manufacturing event, Advanced Manufacturing Expo & Conference, and the most important aerospace and defense event, AeroDef 2016 are here! 2016’s Biggest Heat Treating Conferences will be held in Southern California. These events are the mecca of new products and technology for the heat treating and metal working industry.

This year’s Advanced Manufacturing Expo & Conference led by the brightest minds in their fields, will be held at the Anaheim Convention Center in California. The expo will showcase an impressive tradeshow floor and specialized conference program covering numerous topics affecting the metal industries that are connected with advanced design and manufacturing. This conference will also host the most comprehensive educational program of the year for the heat treating and metal manufacturers.  The Advanced Manufacturing Expo & Conference is an essential hub for new technological innovations in the heat treating and metal manufacturing.

The 3 day expo include more than 2,000 vendors displaying their most cutting-edge developments for medical technologies, electronics, plastics, automation technologies, manufacturing, packaging and product design.

Open discussions will also be held to discuss industry trends and challenges. Educational classes on medical technology including nanotechnology will be available. Some of this year’s themes will include product design and market access.

Learn more about this annual event by clicking this link .

The 2016 AeroDef Conference will be held at the Long Beach Convention Center. This conference is the most important heat treating technical conference and exposition of the year for defense and aerospace industries. Keynote speakers will include leaders from the pinnacle of the defense and aerospace world including Scott P. Willoughby of Northrup Grumman, Daniel G. Korte of LMI Aerospace, & Bryan G. Dods of GE Power & Water. The conference will highlight the industry’s newest and most advanced technologies.

This year’s new convention design and discussion sessions were created to allow heat treating professionals to experience first-hand the showcase concepts on the exposition floor.

For more information click their link .

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NASA’s Composite Manufacturing Robot to Build World’s Biggest Rocket Parts

NASA has one of the most advanced composite manufacturing robots ever created in America. The robot will be used to build the biggest, lightweight composite parts ever made for space vehicles.

This latest addition to the Marshall Space Flight Center’s Composites Technology Center in Alabama will low-cost and high-speed composite manufacturing for large composite rocket. The structures this robot will be building will determine whether these special space vehicles are fit and safe for carrying humans on exploration missions to Mars and other places.

The robot’s key purpose is to build the lightest rocket possible. A lighter rocket carries more crew, science instruments, food, equipment and habitats. Lightweight composites have the potential to increase the amount of payload that can be carried by a rocket and lower the total production cost. NASA is conducting composite manufacturing technology tests to determine whether composites can be used to make units for the Space Launch System and other exploration spacecrafts and habitats.

The robot will build structures larger than 26 feet in diameter, some of the largest composite structures ever constructed for space vehicles. NASA’s robot is making huge industrial advances in composite manufacturing for space exploration and increasing affordability of space vehicles.

To make large composite structures, the robot travels along a 40-foot long track, and a head at the end of its 21-foot robot arm articulates in multiple directions. The head can hold up to 16 spools of carbon fibers that look like pieces of tape and are as thin as human hairs. The robot is able to place the fibers onto a tooling surface in precise patterns to form different large structures of varying shapes and sizes. The robot head can be changed for different projects, which makes the system flexible and usable for various types of composite manufacturing.

The first project that the robot will tackle is making large composite structures for a Technology Demonstration Mission by Marshall for the Space Technology Mission Directorate. For the project, engineers will design, build, test and address flight certification of large composite structures similar to those that might be upgraded for an evolved Space Launch System.

NASA is also a partner with the National/Interagency Advanced Manufacturing Initiative and will share its data with American companies to open up the marketplace for increased use of composite manufacturing in every industry.


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Gold Mining is Changing the Crucible Furnace Industry

Gold is regaining popularity, and with it, a resurgence in crucible furnace purchases. Gold has long maintained its market value despite its shifts in market saturation. This week’s headline, “Gold that could be worth €150 million discovered by miners in Ireland” gave gold enthusiasts renewed excitement in their search for the valuable metal. “Archaeologists Baffled by 2,000 Tiny Gold Spirals Discovered in Denmark” also sparked the imagination of gold hunters and miners when a half a pound of pure gold was found at an archaeological site over 1000 years old. Public interest was so high that in order to meet the demands of patrons the Skaelskor museum opened a special exhibit featuring the gold spirals. Western Australia has also seen new gold discoveries in its Gruyere mining province. These recent finds have led to an increase in crucible furnace purchases in gold processing areas including the one in Australia

Crucible furnaces have long been the pinnacle of gold melting for the precious metals industry. Gold has long been one of the world’s most highly sought-after minerals as it is one of the easiest metals to smelt and handle. Gold can be easily melted in a crucible furnace and is no-corrosive, non-reactive to most other elements and is highly malleable.

Since man first learned how to melt and process gold, it has proven to be a favorite precious metal for making coins and jewelry. With the help of a crucible furnace, gold is also now able to be used to manufacture electrical conductors, infrared shielding, and wiring and is even used on the circuit boards of most cell phones. Gold’s ability to be highly ductile and a great conductor of electricity make it a smart choice for electrical manufacturers.

Gold also possesses the ability to be pounded flat until the point of being transparent without losing its strength. Gold is able to be melted with or into other metals in a crucible furnace to create stronger alloys product while maintaining its highly-desired color and value.

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