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A Brief History of the Heat Treat Oven

Necessity is the greatest catalyst for innovation. This was also the case with the invention of the heat treat oven. The more man’s ambitions developed, the more he needed specific tools to accomplish his goals. This is where the idea of the heat treat oven was born.

This journey began with the production of iron somewhere around the 2000 BCE in southern Asia. Iron was replacing bronze due to its strength and durability. At this crude stage open fires acted as the heat treat oven. The iron was heated, worked, heated, worked, and so on until it was ready to be cooled.

The concept of heat treating was one of universal birth. All over the world in different civilizations in Europe, Asia and the Middle East, metalworkers began to enclose the fire pits little by little as it was noticed that heat uniformity and heat retention had a substantial effect on the product and on the productivity of the worker.

As man’s dreams for iron implements became more and more specialized, so did the heat treating requirements. The heat treat oven became a tool for science and engineering.  Heat treating became more than just a means of creating a desired product; it became the science of learning to controlling metallic compositions and their properties.

3,000 Years later steel replaced iron and brought with it a myriad of possibilities. Steel was stronger, more flexible, and more durable than cast or wrought iron. That said, producing steel was also time-consuming, labor intensive and costly.

As the demand for steel grew with the railway boom, a new process emerged called the Bessemer Process. This process allowed high quality steel to be manufactured in minutes instead of days and while using less fuel and labor.

From these earliest heat treat ovens of the Iron Age to the creation of mass assembly lines, heat treating has touched all aspects of everyday life from railroads, pipelines, refineries, vehicles, infrastructure, buildings, bolts, nuts, washers and dryers, and tools of every kind.

The heat treat oven revolutionized the world by providing endless possibilities for the creation, development and use of metals.

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Our Most Interesting Customers and Their Industrial Oven

While we cannot disclose all of our Customer’s names, we can say that some of our customers make some fascinating and amazing products with their industrial oven. Our heat treat ovens, curing ovens, crucible furnaces, and other industrial oven systems are used for a variety of uses.  In fact, many of the products you use every day may have been treated in one of our ovens. If you aren’t sure what an industrial oven can do, check out some of our customer’s cool products that have been made using a Baker Furnace industrial oven.

One of our most intriguing ovens was used for a customer in the contamination protection business. This company uses several Baker Furnace gas-fired and electrically heated industrial ovens during their curing process. Our ovens are used in a unique drying stage required to create specialized safety gloves and other protective gear for PPE  (Personal Protective Equipment). The most common PPE known to the general public is the hazmat suit and now the Ebola protective suit. These specialty gloves are used to protect against asbestos, lead dust, radioactive contaminants, and other health-threatening substances. These products are composed of uniquely designed plastics and rubber that are impervious to gases, vapors, oils, and can withstand extreme temperatures from 160°-260°F.

Another customer of ours is a world leader in supplying first tier metallic and composite materials to the aerospace industry. To accomplish this, they use a Baker Furnace electric clean room batch industrial oven. This custom made industrial oven is used to manufacture segments of airplanes, helicopters and fighter jets. They also manufacture flexible protection systems, such as flexible fuel tanks that won’t explode during a crash, emergency flotation devices for helicopters, and portable fuel containers.

What kinds of interesting products do you manufacture?  We would love to talk with you about your processes and learn more about your heat treating needs. To receive more information about a Baker Furnace industrial oven system that is right for your unique requirements, contact our office at 1-800-237-5675. You can also click Here to contact our office to see what we can do for your business!